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False Ceiling

Once upon a time, in every home, the ceilings were just plain, flat and white. People don’t give much importance to their ceiling. But nowadays, if anyone has a flat or plain ceiling in their home the first thing that comes into their mind to decor the ceiling differently to give a new look. If you decorate your ceiling with a false ceiling as you wish that gives an awesome feel to live in your home.

Decorating your home is not only about the walls and floors. If you decorate your home with a false ceiling that shows your personality and mood of yours and also it gives a classic look to your home. Decorating your ceiling is a beauty of your home that takes you somewhere incredibly extraordinary and also those who enter your home. Now the false ceiling has become trending among the people especially in Chennai, people want to decorate their ceiling to give a more beautifying look to their home. We provide the best creative decoration for your ceiling room that gives a transformation look to your home. You could find many False ceiling Contractors in Chennai but we are the best in the Industries. The false ceiling is just a second layer underneath the main ceiling of the room. Usually, these false ceilings are excluded from the actual plain ceiling using wooden and metal frames.

The advantage of including false ceiling is that it helps to increase the air conditioning performance. It keeps your room cool during summer and also makes your room warm in the winter seasons, thus reducing your electricity bills. If your home roof is opened directly to sunlight, a false ceiling has a separation layer that keeps the heat away at the same time it gives a beautiful feel and looks. And another good advantage is that they hide the electric wires, pipes, and other light accessories. From the actual ceiling, the false ceiling is fixed 8 inches. These are made with PVC sheets, Gypsum board, and plywood and so on. By using the gypsum products on your false ceiling it helps as protection solutions in case of fire. Depending on the designs we use different materials. We also offer Office Interior Designers in Chennai to make your workplace stress-free and unique.


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